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April 2014

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We decided that instead of a plain old introduction, we would feature our favorite review of Jazmine instead:

The best meal I have had in as long as I can remember. I am conflicted. I never hesitate to come home and write a glowing review of a dinner out and yet, in this case, that part of me says, "Wow- they have only been open 19 months and it still seems like Jazmine is the town secret. It has not been "discovered". When it is, I will never be able to book a reservation and the line will be around the block." This I know to be true. Once West Chester and anyone with a grown-up palate and appreciation for a dining EXPERIENCE finds this little jewel, some of the quaintness will disappear and no doubt the prices will climb. BUT, I have never met a manager (Josh) with more charm and care, nor have I met a chef (Guy sp?) with more humble talent. I was not even a fan of Thai food (I, like many) cling to the stereotypes of obligatory curry and spices that overpower much Thai cuisine but being from New York City, I was willing to try again. My dinner was art on a plate-clean and gorgeous and each bite better than the last. NO overpowering herbs. The food was perfection, the dining space warm and inviting, and the service fantastic. We literally came home from this meal and talked about it for a good hour. Who does that? So while I wish this place could stay a secret forever, the other part of me REALLY wants to see it thrive. Dinner is affordable, delicious- even the wine list is great. $14 for a large entrée is unheard of. The menu itself is pages and pages and you literally cannot pick...the choices are THAT good. SO...go and support a budding, beautiful new restaurant. I don't think I could recommend Jazmine more highly.


New York City


Jazmine has been awarded an
"Annual Dining Award - Best of the Best"
from County Lines Magazine